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                   Bizarre Magic




       For those of you who like the Bizarre type of magic we offer a totally different look and feel for such an event which is a great time as well.
Supernatural knocks and rapping occur answering your every question! The event may be as dark or light hearted as desired.



We always look forward to helping make your bizarre parties a major happening with that extra touch of magic in the traditional extraordinary theme with magic of Simon the magician! Perfect for kids or adult inexplicable party happenings.

Inexplicable acts of awesome cutting edge magic and unseen forces are brought about for your entertainment pleasure as Simon ushers in all 
of the bazarre magical happenings.



Simons special brand of bazarre magic for your entertainment pleasure include inanimate objects coming to life  with a creep factor of +10!

As a part of your bizarre get together Simon himself  may mysteriously float up in the air almost a foot and a half , witch style!

So call now and book your magic show because your preferred time slot may soon disappear!
                      (626) 757-0407 
Or go to the contact page for your party planning!