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                     *Mentalism: Highly developed mental or intuitive abitities as performed by the Mentalist.
  • ESP Precognition Clairvoyance Telepathy; These have always been subjects of fascination among people througout the ages. Everyone has had some type of experience, mostly by accident in this regard. Ever knew what someone was going to say before they said it? Or had a thought (premonition) which came to pass? These and others are examples of mankinds mostly untapped potentials.
  • While there are those who have highly developed skills, the rest of us may never come to understand our full potential.  I myself dont claim to posess any special qualities other than those that I constantly strive for which  seem to be within my reach, and are continuly cultivated and refined. This section is offered to you and your guests for entertainment purposes only.

Mentalism Venues:

  • Formal Group Show

  • Meet and Greet

Formal Group Show 

Stage Living Room or Backyard!

Where everyone is seated within a stage / Parlor setting

For fun and amusement Simon features a mind a reading magic show which is interactive and guaranteed to to suprise and delight! Great for the mixed group of adults and children!


Meet & Greet Mentalism

Walk aroun mentalism done tongue in cheek style involving general mind reading for your guests . Appropriate for kid as well!

Card Reading

Regular playing cards are used as Simon walks aroud in a meet and greet fashion giving personal individual readings for you and your guests!

 These readings are based on the selection of one, two or three card spreads.

These readings may be about the individual or friends and family  in key positions around their life.

Although these card readings are provided for entertainment purposes, all individual readings are said to be 70% accurate.


Object Readings

Otherwise known as Psychometry the art of object reading.

Object readings are considered to be a little more personal because the item used is usually something which is carried on a daily basis.

Simon gives a reading while holding that posession belonging to  your guest.

As a result this becomes a personal reading about the owner of the item!

Although these readings are givien in fun they are said to be uncannily accurate!